FWDCSA Committee and Other Office Bearers

The constitution of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

All correspondence with the Club is through the relevant portfolio holders or fwdcsa@icon.co.za and 079-065-2795 or admin@fwdcsa.co.za and 082-813-7274.


Chairman Myni Kapp chairman@fwdcsa.co.za
Vice Chairman Dave Bell / Peter Hutchison  
Treasurer Doug Timm  
Secretary & Base 4 Administration Karl Hoffman admin@fwdcsa.co.za
Estates & Maintenance Heini D  
Membership Stanley Stein membership@fwdcsa.co.za
Outings Dave McMurdy outings@fwdcsa.co.za
Constitution & Discipline Dave Bell / Peter Hutchison  
Driver Training John Runciman drivertraining@fwdcsa.co.za
PRO & Marketing Craig Schelin marketing@fwdcsa.co.za
Events Dorota M events@fwdcsa.co.za


Other Office Bearers

Accountant Karl Hoffman admin@fwdcsa.co.za
Estates and Maintenance Heini D  
Radios Karl Hoffman admin@fwdcsa.co.za
All portfolio holders / committee members of the FWDCSA (Gauteng Branch) are volunteers and are not paid for their services. The administrative secretary is paid for administrative duties only.