FWDCSA Gauteng Event Calendar 2022

4x4 Trips and Safaris in Africa

The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa organises a wide range of outings throughout the year for club members. These 4×4 trips take in local and international venues and are an ideal way to see Africa in an organised way that takes the chore of planning routes and making bookings out of your hands so that you can simply ‘arrive and drive’.

  • These trips are only for members of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa. Join the club here.
  • Please note that details of events may change unavoidably and to avoid disappointment it is necessary to confirm with the organiser that the event is still taking place, and where and at what time you should meet to participate.
  • All participants on an outing should have completed a driver training course for four-wheel-drive vehicles.
  • All vehicles must have proper recovery points at both the front and rear of the vehicle. This should include both rope/shackle attachment points and Hi-Lift jacking points.
  • Participants must have their own basic recovery equipment – recovery strap, shackles and a Hi-Lift jack.
  • While the fitting of 29 MHz or VHF two-way radios is not compulsory, it provides you with entertainment, camaraderie and, above all, security when travelling in the convoy. For those reasons it is strongly recommended that you have a radio if you wish to participate on a club outing. If you do not want to purchase one, these radios may be hired from the club and fitted to your car without damage.

The moment you leave the tar road you must understand that scratches and dents can and do happen, so you are driving at your own risk. No one will be forced to drive any particular obstacle, but there may be no bypasses available, so be prepared.

These trips are only for paid-up members of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa (Gauteng Branch). Join the club here. Please note that the fees are published here months in advance of the trip, and prices may fluctuate.