Chairmans Newsletter February 2022

“This will be my last letter as my term of office comes to an end” – Chairman Peter Hutchison

This will be my last letter as my term of office comes to an end when the new committee is
elected at the AGM. I would like to think I have made a contribution to the Club, not only as
chairman, but through my monthly letters. I’ve certainly gained from my experiences as

In my last letter I mentioned that we got off to a slow start at the beginning of the year and my wish was that we make up for it at the February camp-over weekend. That wish certainly came true! I think this past weekend must rate as one of the best open days we have had in a long time. There were a lot of positives to take away from this weekend.

It all started with Myni posting photos of Base4 full of water the previous weekend and Heini suggesting we take the opportunity to do some mud and water driving. This led to a lot of enthusiastic WhatsApp traffic, which is precisely what this group is meant for. One thing led to another and Geoff and John agreed to give a workshop on mud and water driving techniques.

After the morning meeting and raffle draw, John gave a quick lesson on water and mud driving. Lesson done, a bunch of enthusiastic members then left to drive the course where the drivable water was located. The first obstacle was fine for the first couple of 4X4s, but
they managed to churn up the mud and make it very interesting for the rest. It was not long before numerous vehicles were bogged down and had to be recovered.

Then along came Big Stan in his Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon nogal – the King of 4×4 trails, or so he thought! Well, he managed to get truly bogged down not once but twice. This led to everyone having a first-class lesson in winching recovery gladly given by John. Not sure he bargained for the number of recoveries he was about to do, as by the end of it he was covered in mud. After Stan’s vehicle had been recovered, Craig, who had done all the winching, decided that he just had to prove that a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon could do this obstacle, which was now a real mud bath. After prepping his vehicle by putting his soft-top roof on and lowering his tyre pressure to 1 bar, he got into position, floored the accelerator, flew down the approach into the mud and, you guessed it, got well and truly bogged down. By this time John had had enough and it was left to Noel to recover Craig.

The fun driving ended with numerous vehicles, including Ryan’s Halfway Toyota group wading through Fish Eagle obstacle which had turned into a deep dam. This was another major off-road lesson – deep water crossing. Some, like Dorota, had very wet cars afterwards.

It was really pleasing to see Base4 being used again on Open Days for the purpose that the property had originally been bought for. Judging by the enthusiasm by both old and new members (we signed on two new members on the day), we will have to do lot more of these
types of events in the future to keep up members enthusiasm and to attract new members as this is obviously what members enjoy.

The next big event is the 50th Celebration on 5th March. At the last count, we had 124 confirmed booking. We have made a booking for 150 people with the caterers, Bert’s Butchery. If you wish to attend this milestone event, best get your booking form in and pay to secure your seat.

We are expecting around 40 campers to spend the weekend at Base4. Just a reminder that campers need to be self-sufficient as there is a very limited supply of electricity. We also ask all campers to bring 2 bags of wood – one for a fire and one for the donkeys to heat water.
Good news for campers is that The Kitchen Brigade have agreed to serve bacon and egg breakfast buns on Saturday morning.
Those not camping should arrive around 10h30 to socialise as official proceedings are due to get under way at 11h30. We will have Mel Miller as the MC to entertain us. There will only be three speeches. Lunch will be served at 14h00. Kindly note the caterers will be using the main entrance and a portion of the car park in front of it to set up their spit-braais and serving tables, so please don’t park near there.

Registration and welcoming drink served in our 50th glass tumblers will take place at the double door entrance opposite the main entrance.

All other doors will be locked. When you arriving, please use the steps that lead from the camping grounds up to the patio. As usual the cash bar will be open. Just a reminder that the AGM takes place on Saturday, 26 th March at 11h00. The current committee, with the exception of Geoff, has agreed to stand again for election. This does not prevent any other member from standing for election, you just need to be nominated and seconded. One of our members Dave Shaw has been very ill in hospital. I’m pleased to say that Maryke informs me he is feeling better and should be discharged shortly. I’m sure you all join me in wishing him and any other members in poor health a speedy recovery.

Well, until the 50th stay well and safe.

Peter Hutchison


Four Wheel Drive Club SA

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