The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Off-Road Radio Association

logo_orra_100The information on this page relates specifically to members of the Four Wheel Drive Club of SA only.

ICASA has granted ORRA (The Off-Road Radio Association) a licence to use the frequencies allocated to ORRA as well as permission for ORRA to distribute to the members of the AAWDC the necessary “User Authority” for the use of these frequencies. The Four Wheel Drive Club of SA being a member of the AAWDC entitles our members to apply to ORRA for a User Authority. The User Authority therefore replaces the Radio Licence that was issued prior to 2013.
How to apply for two-way radio User Authority:

Go to the ORRA web site at

1. Download the User Authority application form
2. The ORRA web site has the list of approved dealers – (Club member Chris Foley (Regal Sales) is a registered dealer)
3. Apply to Chris for a “Verification of Membership”
4. Complete the application form and, together with the verification form, E-mail them to ORRA.

NB – There needs to be proof of User Authority before a dealer can programme the ORRA Frequencies into the radio.

Members can contact Chris for any information regarding their radio needs.

Chris Foley
Regal Sales
Cell – 083-442-3052

Please note: It is a criminal offence to be in possession of radio equipment which is capable of being operated on any frequency for which you do not hold the appropriate licence.

Details for obtaining radio licences in neighbouring countries.
(This is a guideline as these details change on a regular basis)

General Manager
Namibian Communications Commission
56 Mugabe Avenue
P/Bag 13309
Tel: 09264 61 22-2666
Fax: 09264 61 22-2790

Cost of licence: R 50.00 Valid 6 months

BTA ( Botswana Telecommunications Authorities)
Private Bag 00495,
Tel: 09267 395-7755
Fax: 09267 395-7976

Cost of licence: P 110.00 Valid 6 months

29MHz Radio licences for Botswana can be downloaded here For 29MHz radio licences in Namibia, call 09264-61-222 666. The club owns ten 29MHz licences for hire to club members.

Zambia Communications Authority
Office of the Controller
P O Box 36871
Tel: 092601 246702
Fax: 092601 246701/2

Cost of licence: K 17554.00 (Approx: R 28.00) Valid 6 months