The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Marshalling Unit

Members will have noted that we are proposing to reform the FWDCSA Marshal Unit. In order to get the ball rolling I would like to hear from members who would be interested in getting involved in marshalling at both club and other off road events. I will be giving some background information about the current status of off-road marshalling. If anyone is interested you can let me know at The Unit will include members who are already involved in off-road marshalling through membership of the Off-Road Marshal Unit so it would be useful if they could attend also.

The main function of the Unit is to officiate as marshals at off-road races held under the auspices of Motorsport South Africa.

So as to ensure that the standards set by MSA in their Rules and Regulations are adhered to and followed by every marshal / control point, a comprehensive training manual has been drawn up. Every marshal has to complete and pass the training course, and assist at a marshal point for a set number of races before being granted the privilege of wearing the marshal badge and being allowed to manage a marshal point.

The training course covers the following activities, which are also the activities in which a marshal gets involved with off-road racing:

  1. Full working knowledge of the MSA rules and regulations as pertaining to off-road racing.
  2. Set up and manning of control points.
  3. Radio communications
  4. Route marking
  5. Route schedules
  6. Sequencing and timing controls
  7. Light checks
  8. Route pioneering
  9. Scrutineering
  10. Race Control
  11. Basic First Aid
  12. GPS
  13. Short Track Flag signals

A secondary function of the unit is to assist with club outings, jamborees etc.

These activities call for different skills from those required for the marshaling of off-road racing. These skills are also covered in both the marshal training manual and in the on going training completed by the marshals in the unit.

The two main sections of the marshal training pertaining to these activities are:

  1. Driver training.
  2. Recovery training.