The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Code of Conduct

The club and its members strive to uphold the following code of conduct.

Towards human beings – Be considerate and helpful to all.
Towards authorities – Be of positive attitude when interacting with them, understanding and abiding by their rules
Toward vehicle perfection – Maintain a sound, presentable and roadworthy 4×4, always carrying sufficient spares and tools
When travelling on-road – Drive defensively, setting an example to others
When travelling off-road – Drive to survive. Maintain communication with your group. Pre-plan food, fuel, medication, access and camps. Contribute to the group’s well-being.
As a custodian of nature – Take only photos, leave only tyre-prints. Accept responsibility for your group. Drive gently, follow existing tracks and make no new ones. Preserve and respect all living things.

Base 4 Code of Conduct

  • No motorcycles or quads
  • No dogs (except for guide dogs)
  • No loud music (unless authorised and then only in the clubhouse)
  • No persons allowed in the rear of open vehicles when driving any of the obstacles
  • No littering (Please pick up cigarette butts, etc.)
  • All rubbish to be taken out when leaving. (What you bring in, please take home with you – dustbins are not provided)
  • I, as a member of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa, will strive to uphold this code