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Off-Road 4x4 Driver Training


Driver Training 2015

Owning a 4x4 is one thing, getting the most from it is another. The last few years has seen the introduction of various standards designed to self regulate the recreational off-road industry, both in terms of driver training and the use of off-road recreational areas. 

That's where the Four Wheel Drive Club comes in. The driver training portfolio of the FWDCSA is an accredited training facility operating in association with The Training Connection (TETA-ACCR 09-214), who are our service providers. The course covers all aspects needed to equip you to deal with virtually every 4x4 situation covered in the SAQA unit standards US254135 as agreed by the industry and government.

Download a PDF document with more information here

Course Duration and Venue

The course is run on Saturday 08h00 to 17h00 and on Sunday from 08h00 to 13h00 and is suitable only for 4x4 vehicles with low range.

Classroom theory is followed by practical ascent/descent, stall starts and cross-axle training at our Base 4 training facility. This is followed by a drive around the Base 4 property, experiencing a variety of different obstacles under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Overnight camping is available at no charge

Assessment for Driver Competency Certificate (DCC) 

Assessments for the DCC will be implemented and candidates will be assessed throughout the course. A period of time will be set aside in the afternoon to complete the written tests and assignments to qualify the learner.


As a rule, the courses are held on the last Saturday of each month. Check the driver training dates here.

Ladies' Training 

The driver training portfolio offers exclusive ladies only training weekends. The course content is identical to our normal course, but provides an opportunity for female drivers, without the distraction of a 'backseat driver', to gain the skills that may be necessary should the principal driver of an off-road vehicle become incapacitated during a trip. (Male companions are welcome, but are relegated to tending the camp or lounging around the pool. During the drive out, we leave them at Base 4 in the company of their cooler box. Those insisting on tagging along are left under the first available thorn tree, without the cooler box.)

Fee Structure

Driver Training Course with DCC Certification (Driver Competency Certificate) Members: R1 575 
Spouses and/or significant other attending with the driver - No Charge. 
Club members' children over 18, companions or friends attending with driver - R500

Driver Training Course with DCC Certification (Driver Competency Certificate) Non-Members: R1 775.00 
Spouses and/or significant other attending with the driver - No Charge. 
Non-members' children over 18, companions or friends attending with driver - R500

The cost includes all lectures, practical training, reference and assessment materials, tea and coffee throughout the course. Candidates are to supply their own meals. 

Due to time constraints and trail layout, partners/passengers may not drive on the day and will not be eligible for certification.


Please book with the club secretary, Brian Welby-Cooke at fwdcsa@icon.co.za, fax to 0866-955-617 or tel 079 065-2795. Download the Driver Training booking form here.

  • Please deposit the relevant amount into our bank account when booking. The details are as follows: 
    • First National Bank 
    • Branch Code 250655 
    • Account No 58810022334
  • Your deposit reference is your membership number, if applicable, surname and 'DT'
  • All bookings are on a first come first served basis and no-one may participate on the course without full payment having been received in advance. 


Please note that no alcohol may be consumed for the duration of the course.

What to bring with you

NB! Certified copy of your driver's licence
NB! Certified copy of your ID document

Refreshments for the day including your lunch
Enough bottled water for a hot day
First aid kit
Recovery equipment (if you have any)
Tyre pressure gauge
Fire extinguisher/s
Alcoholic beverages (if you wish) for after the course.

Preparing your Vehicle

Fill fuel tank and check fluid levels 
Remove drop plates
Remove bicycle racks
Remove all loose objects
Remove side steps/rails if possible


All courses begin at 08h00 sharp and finish at 16h30 - 17h00


The driver training course is held at the club's property, Base 4, near Hennops River. To see a map of how to get to Base 4, click here.


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12 Mar 2015 - BWC