The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa


Mike Bell has joined the FWDCSA committee to run the conservation portfolio. Mike the son of Chairman Dave Bell, has been a member of the club for 13 years. His qualifications are a diploma in game farm and lodge management, animal rehabilitation, wildlife management, human/wildlife conflict, FGASA, AWH, trails guide and all the other qualifications that come with bush work and we believe that he will be a great asset to both the committee and club at large. We look forward to the many projects that he has planned.

Objectives of the Conservation Portfolio

The conservation portfolio of the club creates opportunities for our members to participate in a number of events.

The main objective of these events is:

  • to educate and create an awareness among members to “tread softly” and not to damage the ecology through indiscriminate use of their vehicles
  • to contribute towards conservation through time and effort in various areas
  • to enjoy the privilege of visiting these secluded areas.

A major portion of our synergy with the environment is the conservation of nature. Our involvement is as many as it is varied and is participated by our members. Activities organised by The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa provide both enjoyment by the participant and a means of adding a service of quality to both the environment and its community.

Recent activities


Bringing Owls to Base 4

I have a plan to put up owl boxes at Base 4 to encourage some of our nocturnal raptors to make it their preferred home. Some people might ask why we would want to have owls in artificial boxes living…