The Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa

Hiring Base 4


Rates include the use of the kitchen, toilets, 10x tables and 100x chairs, 10x table cloths, cutlery, crockery and bar fridge. However, this must be arranged with the Club Secretary when making the booking. All rates are quoted for the day from 06h00 am to 24h00 pm midnight. If the facilities are required to set up decor the day before and removal thereafter then a further charge of R500 will be incurred. Arrangements must be made with the Club Secretary as to when removal of the event goods will be done.

The Four Wheel Drive Club of SA will not be held responsible for any damage, injury or loss incurred by anyone hiring the venue, their caterers or agents, or people attending the event.

If staff is required then notice must be given in advance. Their working hours are from 08h00 am to 17h00 during the week. Should you require staff after 17h00 pm then this will be at an hourly rate of R35 per hour per person overtime.

If a barman is required the charge is R800 from 18h00 pm to midnight. Arrangements are to be made in advance.

Please consult the Base 4 Reservations Calendar to check that the relevant facility is available for your proposed date.

Members R 3 600 per day
Non-Members R 6 000 per day
Corporate R 8 000 per day

Conference room

Rates include the use of the Conference Room and toilets only. Use of the overhead data projector etc. is to be arranged when making the booking.

Members R 800 per day
Non-Members R 1 600 per day
Corporate R 3 200 per day


Rates include the use of the rustic ablution block.

Members (with Base 4 access card) R 600 per day
Non-Members R 1 200 per day
Corporate R 2 000 per day


Rates include the use of the Rustic Ablution Block.

Members (with Base 4 access card) Free
Non-Members R150 per vehicle per day (max 4 people per vehicle)
A refundable deposit of R1 000.00 to cover breakage/loss is payable in advance. The terms and conditions for the booking and usage of Base 4 are available on request.

Booking forms

Please complete the one of the booking forms below and return to the club secretary via fax 0861 393 272 or email Please consult the club secretary or the booking schedule for available dates.

Your booking will not be confirmed until receipt of the relevant completed form and a copy of your deposit slip is faxed to 0861 393 272 or emailed to

Payment details

Bank First National Bank
Branch Code 250655
Account name Four Wheel Drive Club of SA
Account number 58810022334
Reference Surname, initials and Base 4 hire